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Copying Beethoven

Koşa koşa git D&R'a edin bu filmi sevgili okur. Yok ben uğraşamam diyorsan gir bi' torrent sitesine indir.

"Can you imagine?
A chorale in a symphony?"

Bu filmi izlemen için sana tek bi' alıntı yapacağımdır. Sonra istersen izleme.

Anna Holtz Beethoven'ın yardımcısı olmak isteyen poor girl. Ona ilerleyen satırlarda "A" diye hitap edicem. Beethoven da bundan sonra "B". Deal?
Anna Beethoven için temize çektiği 9uncu senfoninin bi' kısmını kontrol için getiriyor burda Beethoven'a.

Beethoven: All right, I'll do that. I'll read the pages.
Nice, very good.
What's this?
Right before the choir comes in, B major, D major.

Anna: You have it in B minor.
B: I wrote it in B major. Why did you change it?
A: I didn't change it.
B: What?
A: I didn't change it. I corrected it.
B: Corrected it? You corrected it?
A: Yes, I knew you didn't intend to keep it in B major.
B: Really?
A: Well, the Italians would keep it in B major.
Rossini would keep it in the major,Cherubini would keep it in the major
But you wouldn't.You would change it just for a moment,to build the suspence before the explosion.
If you will permit me...

Anna plays the notes here, than..

A: That's neither Rossini or Cherubini.That's Beethoven!
B: You're saying that I accidentally miswrote it?
A: No, Maestro. I think you did it deliberately...
I think it was a trap.
B: A trap?
A: To test Herr Schlemmer.
B: Why on earth would I test Schlemmer?
A: To see if he truly understood your soul.
B: My soul?
You think it works in the minor?
A: Am I wrong?
You approve of what I've done?
B: I think it's brilliant.I think it's all wonderful.
A: You like it?
B: Very, very much. How old are you my dear ?
A: Twenty-three.
B: Twenty-three years old.I can just imagine you at the creation,
with your two decades of experience,saying to the Almighty,
"I think you've done a brilliant job with the world. I especially like South America. Beautiful shape! That wonderful bulge and the slender taper. The Straits of Magellan,lovely little touch. Africa, on the other hand,bit wide for my taste. And Asia is entirely out of proportion.
"I'm afraid, Herr Godhead, you'll have to do it all over. "
I cannot tell you how much it means to me to know that you approve of my work.

Çok büyük megolamanmış Beethoven. Hakkı mıdır? Bana sorarsan evet! Zaten cezasını da çekmiş zamanında. Onu da şöyle anlatıyor,

Everyone thinks I live in silence. It's not true. My head is constantly filled with sound. It never stops. The only relief I have is to write it down. God infests my mind with music. And then what does he do? He makes me deaf! He denies me the pleasure he allows everyone else, hearing my work. Is that a loving God? Is that a friend?

"He is our father." says Anna Holtz

My father was a brutal, drunken sod. If God is my father, I disown him!

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